Illenium - Terminal 5

“Super fun, but incredibly crowded. Get there earlier for a better view.”

“Great as usual. Awesome drops and lights were insane.”

“Crowd went nuts when Feel Good came on. Will always go to Illenium.”

Johnny Bae
San Holo - Terminal 5

“Felt like it was good for the first half, got boring around the end”

“Lights were great from San Holo! Both the song and actual lights”

“Loved it! Played a lot of the songs from his new album”

Johnny Bae
Superorganism - Brooklyn Steel

“This group is so weird”

“I like that it was on a Monday, pretty fun and silly.”

“Why is the main singer an Asian girl, with a bunch of randos?”

Johnny Bae
Gallant - Public Arts

“Super smooth”

“Great if you are planning a date”

“Gallant’s voice is insane! His falsetto is breathtaking live”

Johnny Bae
Tokimonsta - Brooklyn Steel

“A little bit slow. Was out on Saturday so wish it was a bit more hype.”

“Classic Tokimonsta, really smooth”

“Venue is great for Tokimonsta, right amount of people while still being able to dance”

Johnny Bae
Above & Beyond - Avant Gardner

“Super fun, I mean I always love them”

“It was a good mix of new school trance with old school classics. Something for everyone.”

“Great venue for A&B. The light show works really well in Avant Gardner”

Johnny Bae
Hype Concert Review System

No one wants to read an essay.

At hype concerts, we take (max) three testimonies from others who went to the event.

Take it as if it’s a friend’s opinion.

Johnny Bae