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Hype Concerts


Spring 2019

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There are now hundreds of events scattered all over the city and no one wants to go to each website to figure this out. Facebook tries to do this, but then jerks end up making the SAME event pages confusing everyone else on the when or what of the event. See it all easily in a no fuss table at hype concerts so you can spend less time researching concerts to go to and more time enjoying the event.


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The city that never sleeps also never stops creating new music venues. We go there first to check out the lights, sound, and overall vibe. We also check if this is a place good for all concerts or a concert to get hype… and to those asking yes there’s a difference.


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No one wants to read a long review from an elitist prick who spent their days in the local college radio station. Hype concerts removes that and takes a max of three very short comments from those who went to the concert. Similar to asking a friend these will give a better sense of the event than a 5 paragraph essay.




For our loyal fans, we also provide sold out tickets at face value.

Please contact for more details on an event.